Friday, 8 April 2011


You have recently moved to a new flat. Write a letter to your friend Cathy.
In your e-mail:
* Describe your new flat.
* Say what you like best about it
* suggest that your friend comes to visit soon.

Hi Cathy,

I´m in my new flat in Terù.It's very big and I have my own bedroom.
I´m on the fifth floor.Its one flat per floor.Its great.
I live with my 2 brothers[Arturo and Roberto],  with my mother Gilberta and my father ObdulioII.
I like best the kitchen because it is very big.
Would you like to visit me?

Write back



Friday, 1 April 2011

PET practice: POSTCARD

Hy Filomeno,I'am in Aruba,I spend all the day in the beach,its fantastic.This place is very short, but its very nice.The weather is boiling and sunny.I 'am playing football in the beach, and I'am splashing into the water.


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